Our project is 100% funded by private donations.

Our coaches and students rely on your support to be able to continue their training. We need around 20.000 euros every month to run our projects.

Your donation will go directly towards maintaining our projects in Lesvos, Athens, Ioannina and Paris; funding our gym spaces that cost around 2.000 euros per month in rent and maintenance.

Additionally it will support our coaches, without whom our project would not exist. We need 4.000 euros every month to pay our coaches. We also provide them with much-needed sport equipment: boxing gloves, Judogis, running shoes, sport clothing, body building equipment, jump ropes, swimwear, yoga mats, footballs, volleyball nets, weights and more.

Please consider making a donation to help us run the projects and continue assisting people on the move through the power of sport! For physical/material donations, get in touch with us at


How to support us?

Global Giving Screenshot

DAF-Global Giving

You can donate to us through donor-advised funds via GlobalGiving.

Simply log into your DAF account, select your designation as GlobalGiving, and include ‘Yoga and Sport with Refugees’ and/or one of our project ID numbers in your notes. It is vital do include the above in order for us to receive the support!

Shop for Good

Jump to our online shop and get your very own YSR merchandise in order to set a sign against injustice and advocate for inclusion.

If you visit our locations ask the staff about the on the ground merchandise!

Organize an Event

Get active and take action! Organize an event in your location to increase awareness and help us gather funds in order to build happier and healthier communities through the power of sport.

Dive into our event page to find out more about our upcoming Global events!

Bergen Marathon Group

Start a Fundraiser

Support our activities by starting your very own fundraiser.

There are many easy ways to gather funds, some of the best practices we have seen are Birthday fundraisers, fundraisers on social media or sport fundraisers.

For example you can teach a Yoga class on donation base for our projects or run a marathon in solidarity!

Will you change a life today?

As long as poverty, injustice and inequality exist, we don’t rest.
It isn’t difficult to make a change.
Take action, support us and make a difference today.