Help us enrich lives

Our project is 100% funded by private donations.

Our coaches and students rely on your support to be able to continue their training.

Every month we need around 15.000 euros to run our projects in Lesvos, Ioannina Athens and Greece.

Your donation goes directly to the projects; our coordinators, coaches and students. We provide them with the needed sport equipment: boxing gloves, Judogis, running shoes, sport clothing, body building equipment, jump ropes, elastics, swimwear, yoga mats, footballs and more. You can make a material donation financial aid to run the projects and keep on empowering through the power of sport!

For physical donations, get in touch with us at

Our locations do not only offer a place for our students and coaches to train, but they are a safe space, where our community members feel at home. We need around 2000 euros per month to pay the rent and maintenance of our gyms.

Without our teachers our project would not exist. We need 1750 euros every month to support our 35 teachers with a symbolic 50 euros to use on necessities.

You can find our full budget, monthly reports and impact analyses here.