YSR Alumni

Most of our trainers are only temporarily in countries. We like to keep in touch with all the trainers who have helped Yoga and Sport grow and thank them again.

Jawed has excellent skills in judo to train and teach. He trained in Afghanistan for eleven years and took part in many competitions before becoming a teacher in YSR for some time.


Mahmoud is a trained a lifeguard and a swimming coach. He was already a professional swimmer and coach in Iran and he now continus sharing his passion with others.

Mahdi Khavari

Mahdi has been training in Muay Thai and Kickboxing for several years in Iran. He began sharing his passion with the Team Energy and more athletes who wanted to join in Lesvos. Mahdi was always positive, laughing and bringing happiness to all the guys around him. He has the power to motivate others and keep dreaming high! He aspires to become a great Muay Thai champion one day!

Mona Sheikh Ali

Mona was a very passionate yoga teacher who started practising and teaching yoga in Lesvos and Athens with the Yoga and Sport team. She became a certified yoga teacher in 2020 through yoga teacher training and has since been practicing and providing classes both in Greece and in Germany.

Jamshid is 24 years old and originally from Afghanistan. He started Kickboxing in Afghanistan in 2012, and with a lot of effort he managed to get a black belt before becoming a coach. In the recent years, he participated in many competitions in Turkey. Currently he is living in Athens, and he is our amazing kickboxing coach. He is hard-working and will always try to do the best for himself and YSR community!


Jawad is our football coach in Lesvos. He is coaching together with Aman and they are able to train the guys in different groups. Jawad is very passionate about football and he takes the training very seriously. For him, every player has to give his best on the field.

Ahmad Yaqoobi

Ahmad is our breakdance teacher in Lesvos. He started doing breakdance and parkour in 2018and participated in different shows. He was previoulsy a parkour and gymnastics teacher in Iran. Here in Lesvos, he started to teach and motivate students to join this sport in order for them to enjoy and forget about the difficult conditions in the camp. He produced a serie of different choreographies which allowed us to put together a very good breakdance show in One Happy Family community Center as well as in Mytilini.

Vahid Eskandari

Vahid has been wrestling since he is a kid and he has developed his skills in Iran. He has been participating in many competitions and wishes to pursue his dream of becoming a wrestling champion one day.

Ali Jafari

Ali was one of our earliest teachers at YSR and was pivotal in helping us establish the Athens gym. He provided challenging classes bodybuilding and fitness to many in the community in 2019 and 2020.

Ehsan Ahmadi

Ehsan is our Kung-Fu teacher. He has been practicing for 10 years and participated in many competitions. He has pedagogy and he masters the art of teaching since 5 years. Ehsan loves kung-fu and wants to become a better figher and teacher, sharing his discipline with kids as well as with adults.


Rakhan is our breakdance teacher. He has been practicing for 2 years. He is now teaching since August 2020 with a great interest to develop this discipline more in the heart of Project Hiwa and to give the students more confidence in their movements and figures. He is very skilled and passionnate about breakdance and loves to teach as many people as possible.

Mohadese Azimi

Mohadese is our yoga teacher. She is doing yoga since 2019 with Yoga and Sport and she is now a teacher in Athens. She is a certified yoga teacher since September 2020 as she followed the training offered by Yoga and sport in Lesvos. Her soft energy and focus make her a very good yoga teacher. She is also a very strong athlete as she practises kickboxing, self-defense and running.


Dana is our very first teacher on Lesvos and he helped creating the organisation in 2017. He teaches taekwondo, leads some running sessions, give self defense classes. He has exceptionnal pedagogical skills and he knows how to teach kids. He is the founder of the sport part of Project Hiwa in Athens which became the new YSR location in Athens since September 2020.

My name is Juliane. I grew up in Hamburg, moved to Vienna for my studies, and am now spending half a year in Athens for my internship with a focus on community building.

Especially the part of free participation, the possible entry into the studio for every! person convinced me. Creating a place that is a safe space, working together on it, and constantly looking at how we can build up the community through sport and intensive exchange encourages me a lot for community building.

In Vienna, taking part in a lot of feminist groups gives me drive and I am excited about how much strength and support we can create through sports and intense open talking together.

I also love long hikes, an evening run to Lycabettus Hill, I’m a trained yoga teacher, passionate about outdoor activities like cycling and surfing, and can’t wait to get into basketball and other sports practiced in the community.

Sayed Habib

Sayed Habib is a very experienced fighter and coach. He has been doing kung-fu and boxing all his life and that is why he fell in love with Yoga and Sport team and decided to join in 2020.


Navid is our boxing teacher in Lesvos. He has been practising since 2015 and he has a very good understanding on how to teach to different students.


Sangali is our Kung-Fu teacher on Lesvos. He has experience in Muay Thai, Judo, Kung-Fu boxing and Nunchaku. He has been practising Kung-Fu for many years and has a great approach to teach.

Aref Gholami

Aref was also our program coordinator in Athens for several years, and very recently left in July 2022. He was constantly learning and developing his leadership skills everyday. He also taught our taekwondo, fitness, acrobatics and bodybuilding classes in Athens. To this day, he is an athlete, who has amazing pedagogical skills to teach every level and ages. We will miss him dearly!

Hello! My name is Cassiopée and I’m 22. I’m French, but I grew up in Africa and studied International Development in Canada. I was attracted by YSR’s mission and values of empowering displaced people through sport. I am really excited to join the organization as a Communication and Advocacy intern for 6 months. I love hiking and boxing and can’t wait to try yoga classes!

Sultan Ali Bostani

Sultan was our Acroyoga teacher in Lesvos. He has a warm, calm and welcoming attitude. He knows how to give his students new daily challenges that grow their spirit of achievement. He creates new challenges and prepares all his lessons, which are adapted to the level of  the students to keep the group motivated. His professional skills as a teacher are exemplary.

Mohammad Qurbani

Mahdi is our dancing teacher. He started to teach with Yoga and Sport since almost a year as he has been very inspired by Edu, one of our former coordinators, who is a very talented dancer. Mehdi followed Edu’s steps and he is now very serious in teaching different dances and choreograhies. He is also a certified 200 hours Yoga teacher. Last but not least, since 8 months he is studying performance theater and now he can say he is also an actor.

Aman Hussaini

Aman is our football coach. He has been coaching football with the Yoga and Sport team since beginning of 2020. He loves football and in Afghanistan he played in the Premier League in Herat city. Unfortunately, two years ago in Afghanistan, he injured his knee in a match and he could not continue playing football. When he came to Greece, he started training again. His knee is not completely healed yet, but he feels good that he cans play football again. He will never give up!

Iqbal Alikhail

Iqbal is our boxing teacher. He has been practicing for 2 years in Afghanistan and already won several competitions. He is teaching boxing since 8 months with Project Hiwa. He is a very passionate boxer and trains to improve his technique and speed every single day. He knows how to adapt his training for different levels of students and knows how to control his training.

Nasim Ahmadi

Nasim was our karate teacher, he has been practising kyokushin karate for 4 years. He has entered and won several competitions. He was great at teaching kids, women and men since he has very good communication and pedagogical skills.

Hamid Norozi

Hamid was our K1/Kickboxing trainer in Athens and Lesvos for many years. Of course, that makes him a great fighter! He was been teaching with Yoga and Sport for 3 years now and has developed training sessions that are intense and full of energy! He was also one of the founders of the Team Energy, a team of talented and motivated kickboxing athletes who passed through Lesvos refugee camp and are now living in various EU countries. Hamid participated in several international fights in his carreer and wants to reach the best rings of the World! He always finished his trainings with an extensive speech where he explains that all humans are equal and that we should always work hard to reach our goals.


Zaki is a great athlete and kind person. He was a certified yoga teacher after he completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2020 in Lesvos. Before he was mainly practicing parkour and theater with one of the other yoga teacher, Yadullah. He has since left and we wish him all the best!


Zaker is YSR’s new kickboxing teacher. Zaker has a long history of competing outside of Greece, and comes to classes with a wealth of knowledge to assist new students!

Medine is the newest taekwondo teacher that has recently joined the YSR teaching community. Her classes bring in the whole community, especially women and children of all ages!

Ali is from Afghanistan and lived in Lesvos for almost three years. During this time, he became a football coach for YSR. He encouraged anyone to join the sport, believing it teaches people loyalty, respect, that age is just a number and that height doesn’t matter. Football reminds everyone to say no to racism, and that teamwork is the most important quality of all. Ali Morteza was committed to passing on this knowledge to everyone that attended in a positive way and to provide everyone the opportunity to improve.

Sara was our amazing women’s bodybuilding coach in Athens until recently in July 2022. She is passionate about training, strengthening and empowering her community of women. Her classes are tough and make sure women leave feeling more powerful that before! She will go on to do great things and we wish her all the best!

Amir was an extremely talented boxer and fighter for YSR. He became our youngest boxing teacher after several years of challenging training in Lesvos and Athens. He has inspired so many students to keep going and we are so proud of his and him sisters, Mohadese and Mobina, for their passion, will and determination to unite the community through movement.

Meet Sohaila, a Muay Thai and yoga teacher for YSR, who recently also won the 2021 Courageous Use of Sport Award presented by the WWE. Sohaila has made leaps and bounds to fit for women’s empowerment in sport, and she is only in her late teens! We were thrilled to have Sohaila be a teacher for us and are stoked to see her making moves elsewhere in the EU.

Marta was a coordinator at Habibi and Sport with Refugees since January 2022. She started working with Yoga and Sport with Refugees in September 2021 as a volunteer in the Athens gym, in the evenings after her work. She bacame so passionate about the community and the connection within the team that she decided to apply for a position in Habibi and Sport with Refugees. Marta is originally from Italy and recently graduated from a Masters degree in project management for the humanitarian sector. She was determined to apply all her newly obtained knowledge in the project in Ioannina. She has since embraced a new challenge working in Sierra Leone.

Miren started as  acroyoga, yoga and women’s sports teacher at YSR in 2019. She went on to formally train as a yoga teacher and eventually jumped into the role of Project Coordinator with both feet. She has been with the community for a long time and has brought so many people into the organisation. Her joyful attitude welcomed anyone and many have felt her warmth during classes. She will be missed!

Mobina was an amazing kickboxer, fighter and boxer with YSR, eventually becoming a talented yoga teacher for the community, alongside her sister Mohadese. We are so happy to see the whole family has moved on to settling elsewhere all together.

Mohamad was our parkour coach. He taught in collaboration with Drio. He also enjoys playing volleyball, but there’s nothing he likes more than going doing parkour on the streets.

I’m Lucía, the volleyball coach of YSR. I’m 23 and I come from Spain!

I’ve been a professional volleyball player for several years, but I decided to take a break from the life I had and came to Athens to work as a volunteer, clarify my ideas, and get to know another culture. All these choices made me give up volleyball, a sport that I love so much, and I thought I will never play again. Luckily, one of my friends told me about YSR and everything that was done in it, and a few days later I was already part of the team.

I feel very lucky to have found and be part of this beautiful and healthy community, it is the best thing that could have happened to me!

Najib is an experienced and competitive kickboxing and muay thai fighter. He started kickboxing in 2012 and Muay thai in 2017, before he became ‘pro’. He has won Afghan and Swedish companionships, including one at the Fighter Centre in Sweden, and is eager to step into a leadership role for YSR to bring new and familiar faces together. He continued to teach his kickboxing and muay thai classes outside his role. He was a coordination during 2022 for YSR.

Mohammad is the bodybuilding teacher in Lesvos. He enjoyed working at the gym and helping anyone that works through the door. For Mohammad, going to the gym help to keep his mind busy and body active – “it’s so important for both psychological and physical health that I want everyone to take benefit out of it”.

Based in New York City, Haley coordinated monitoring & evaluation activities through close collaboration with those on the ground. Haley has a Master of Public Health from New York University where she specialized in health & human rights. Her research focuses on improving policy and program implementation so that the mental health of all forced migrants can be better supported at the local, national, and international level. Haley has been running competitively since she was 8 years old and believes in the power of sport to build community, break down barriers, and improve physical and mental health. She was a running coach for YSR briefly in 2019, and then became more involved in YSR when she returned to Lesvos in 2021.

Mohammad Zaher is our passionate cycling teacher from Afghanistan, providing exciting trips around the island in Lesvos.

Samual is our newest skilled boxing teacher, who has been competing for a long time before coming to Greece. Samual is motivated to share his wisdom and help the community become stronger!

Nasrin is our zumba teacher in Athens. She is an inspiration for all the women around her. She started the Zumba class since almost 3 years and also took over the Hip hop lessons. Her energy and her motivation are endless. She always wants to help others and to encourage women to start physical activities, because she is really conscious of how positive it can be.

Ste Atzemi is a movement lover, a professional pilates and flexibility teacher, and dancer. She loves to share her knowledge and energy with people from all backgrounds.

She started as a volunteer with YSR Athens and then taught Contemporary Dance.

Nefeli taught a dance class at YSR from October 2022 to the summer of 2023, which was based on contemporary dance techniques and movement research.

She has visited many seminars, been involved in projects and dance groups, and is in the process of becoming a certified Yoga teacher.

Chris has become a teacher of many things in Athens, including Taekwondo, Acrobatics, Fitness and Bodybuilding. He has been working with the organisation for 2.5 years now and is very advanced in his sports.

Sports have always been a big part of Rozalia’s life. After experimenting with movement a lot, she fell in love with dancing and yoga. At the start of 2022, she completed a 500h yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India, and since then has taught and participated in seminars in Athens. She is thrilled to be teaching classes at YSR Athens gym as well!

Fatima was our talented karate teacher and assisted in other classes in women’s fitness as well. She brought a wider women’s community to the gym!

Aman was a very skilled football coach on the Lesvos island. He loves playing and leading the gym into matches, competitions and frequent practices.

Fayaz was the football teacher in Habibi since the beginning of November 2022. He is really dedicated and enjoys teaching his favorite sport in the field.

I have graduated from the department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies from University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki. I have always been passionate about the humanitarian sector and fields related to refugee protection, GBV and child protection. I have worked before as a volunteer in different NGOs, where their main focus is with people with special needs, refugee children and the Roma community. I have previous work experience in the field of migration, while I worked with refugee women as a Front Office Administrator in Irida Women Center in Thessaloniki. Since I was little I loved sports and especially dancing. I myself have been a ballet and contemporary dancer for 14 years now. As a Sport Coordinator in Ioannina I am so excited to be part of the YSR team and especially to the sport project in Ioannina, because I have the chance to be a member of this beautiful community, while enjoying the sport activities with people from the Katsika camp.

Lena supported the volleyball teacher upskilling and training at Habibi and Sport with Refugees while also volunteering with our partner, Habibi.Works. She took over as Project Coordinator of HSR in December 2022. Being together and building community is what she likes most about sports. She studied graphic design but is more passionate about the work she does now.

My name is Mohammad Reza. I am originally from Afghanistan, but I was born in Iran. I came to Lesbos in July 2019 as a refugee. After a while I started volunteering with different organizations and NGOs. I learned how to speak English with these volunteer jobs. Currently I am volunteering as a medical interpreter in the camp.

In the past, I was interested in wrestling, but unfortunately the conditions were not good for me to do exercise. My interest in sports made me to search for a place to do exercise. When I got to know Yoga and Sport I started to go to gym for boxing class, which I found a safe and friendly environment with different nationalities. That made me feel good from the first day. Now, I am very happy to be a member of this Yoga and Sport team.

Originally from the Netherlands, Arjan supported YSR initially as a volunteer before coming back to Lesvos to work as an on-the-ground volunteer coordinator. Arjan is passionate about the organisation and what it stands for, and is the first to put his hand up for organising activities with the volunteers and community teachers, especially if it involves travelling or hiking around the island.

I am Nematullah Nazari, the national referee and coach of the Afghanistan Muay Thai Federation and the multiple champion of the national kickboxing and Muay Thai teams. It has been a month since I became a refugee on the Greek island of Lesbos, and there I met Yoga and Sport, which is really a place of happiness and joy for me. I am grateful to each and every teacher and employee, especially the founder of the Yoga and Sport Association, for their efforts to guide the immigrants to good. They push positively. I also volunteered as a Muay Thai trainer in this group and I am proud to be a member of Yoga and Sport with Refugees.

Hello everyone, this idiot’s name is Jooya Matin. My birth place is Afghanistan and I am 17 years old. My favourite sport is volleyball. I am kinda short for this sport, my weight is around 50kg and I play as a Libero. I began the volleyball training with one of my sweet friend Ali Naderi at the beginning of summer(2022). Ali and another kind lady named Marianne taught me the basics of how to play volleyball. And after a while, a funny coach joined us his first name is Daniel (his full name is too difficult to remember). We had volleyball training every day and one day Ali came to me and then he told me that he is going to leave the island along with Mr Daniel and then they asked me to be the next volleyball trainer. From then, I became a part of Yoga and Sport with Refugees. In this organization I received a lot of smiles, that is the biggest gain that I got from YSR. I love playing volleyball, because it gives me a positive energy and I am not getting tired of playing it.

Dance is a strong part of our culture, we don’t need to be waiting for Party, wedding or a concert to dance. We are dancing whenever we feel it’s time to dance, it can be a few hours trip, it can be a small gathering or whatever. I am Laila from Afghanistan. In Lesvos, since people are living in the refugee camp, there is not any possibility specially for women to dance That’s why I thought to make an opportunity for women even very small. I am not a professional dancer, I have never been in the dance classes before I just love to dance and it’s seems we are doing good all together. We are having fun and nice time in the dance sessions and you are welcome to join!

Basil Phoenix was born in Mytilene in 1994, raised in one of the suburbs of Attica and spending most of the summers and winter holidays of his childhood in Lesvos, always felt an attraction to this magical island. From an early age, he admired the arts of flow and circus but was unaware that a circus with no oppressed animals could even exist. Since then, he has tried and practiced most of the circus arts, preferring equilibristics and poi. He has attended a wide range of workshops varying from dance and theatre to aerial, floor and partner acrobatics, always in parallel with studying and practicing martial arts and T.C.M. From time to time, he has collaborated with small groups and the Sea Clown Sailing Circus and Clown without borders Sweden. Additionally, he was one of the founding members of Who Nose, a performers team which spread joy through shows and workshops around the Camps of Attica. He is an active member of Circus Lesvos and since 2021 he is working as a trainer at YSWR gym. He is excited about this collaboration!

Hi! My name is Laura, I’m 24 years old from Germany and a community building intern for the next three months. I will work on organising events where our community can spend more time together and we deepen our relationships, both inside and outside the gym and the sport classes.

I love to clear my mind and burn off energy through sports, especially with Tabata sessions or running. So, it is perfect timing that we will have the Global Run soon, for which I am also in the organising team!

I’m eager to try out many of all the great sport classes that the gym has to offer, especially Muay Thai and Boxing which have already really hooked me. My personal challenge for my time in Athens is learning an handstand!

My name is Mustafa. I started playing football four years ago and it was the encouragement of my friends and family that made me feel that I can and want to continue. Football gives me a sense of peace and the reason why I wanted to work in football in Habibi.Works: for my further growth in football and helping those who want to start playing football

I’m Safia, I’m 26 and from London. I really love the vision behind YSR and it’s been amazing to see their work in action. I have a background in International Development and an interest in migration and education. I’ve been practicing yoga for a few years now and I’m also excited to try hiking around the Athens area – preferably when the weather cools down!

I’m Lotta, 23 years old, from Germany. I volunteered with YSR last year and love the organisation for their dedication to promoting a healthy community through sports, for the passionate team, and the incredible people I meet at the gym! This year, I’m interning in the fields of communications and fundraising. As for sports, I love yoga and climbing, and look forward to exploring new sports like basketball, kickboxing, or dancing.

Hello! I’m Mathilde, I’m 24 years old. I’m studying Project Management and International Solidarity in France.

I’m coming to Yoga and Sport with Refugees for an internship. I’m currently working for the women participation project in Athens. The goal is to try to make the gym more accessible and inclusive for women and facilitate women participation.

I’m really interested in gender topics in international solidarity project management and I’m actually writing a thesis about that topic.

Hi! I’m Laura, from Italy, and I’ll be working as a communications intern with YSR. I love the welcoming environment and the passion that drives everyone who works here at YSR. I am a photographer and I especially enjoy taking portraits, I love baking and eating the cake once it’s ready. Recently I discovered boxing and will join David’s class in Athens; at first I didn’t think I could like it and I could really be good at it, since I’m not very athletic, but it taught me that with training and determination you can achieve your goals and be actually good at it.

My name is Jamie, I’m a 22 year old recent graduate from the UK and Rwanda. I am excited to begin my 3-month internship at Yoga and Sport with Refugees in Athens, as part of the Fundraising and Finance team. Having moved around a lot in my life, I have always found sport to be a useful instrument in joining new communities, both through practice and as a topic of conversation. I am an avid supporter of Liverpool Football Club and have played football, rugby, and hockey throughout my life. In Athens I hope to get stuck into some kickboxing.

Hello, my name is Clémentine, I am a 23-year-old French student. I am currently finishing my Master’s degree in International development and project management, and to do so, I recently started an internship in Meaningful Participation with Yoga and Sport with Refugees. In the following months, I will be working to try and make YSR as participatory and inclusive as possible: everybody should be involved in all the steps of the projects, and have an equal voice in all the levels of the organization. At YSR, we aim to do sport and projects with the people on the move (and everybody else!), and not for them. I am really excited to work with a multicultural and international team, and to be part of this welcoming community. I love learning new skills, languages, or about new cultures, and I think that YSR is the perfect environment to do so.
Since starting here, I have taken up yoga and basketball, and I’ve been loving it, as much as I have loved seeing the sense of community being created by such activities. Sport really does bring people together!

Mahdi joined YSR on the 15th of May 2023 as a Coach Coordinator.

Before he joined us, he worked  as a volunteer in the NAPD (National Assembly of People with Disability) in Afghanistan. He’s also an English tacher in a training center and an English interpreter. He works in Parea now also as an English teacher and interpreter. He’s a big fan of music since his childhood and he likes football a lot.

For Mahdi , joining YSR means a door to a new world, new friends, and new goals.

Maeve joined Habibi and Sport with Refugees right from the start in September 2021. She was first a volunteer in Habibi.Works and as soon as the project started she became a volunteer in Habibi and Sport with Refugees. Maeve is now a Coordinator with Yoga and Sport in Lesbos. Maeve studies international development studies at Cork University in Ireland and is passionate about Irish Football. Maeve has a great focus on creating community and making sure that everybody feels safe and supported.

Eisa is our talented running teacher, who came from the YSR community in Greece, and has stayed close in his new home of France! Eisa knows all the nice areas of Paris to run through and supports students continually improve their stamina.

My name is Shafiq Hussain, I am twenty-four years old. I am a Muay Thai coach in Ioannina. I like sports, especially Muay Thai, so I started to practice it. In addition to sports, I like social activities and I found that Habibi and Sport with Refugees is an environment that helps us to take advantage of opportunities and develop the skills we love. This is why I wanted to start being a coach, so that I can practice my favorite sport and serve those who love sports, especially those who like Muay Thai.

My name is Noh Berhe, I am from Eritrea. My favourite sport is bodybuilding. I joined YSR because I enjoyed working and helping people and YSR is the place where I found it.

My Value: I can accept failure, everyone fails at something, but I can’t accept not trying.

Shane Godsil

Shane was the Development Coordinator and Support Team Administrator at YSR.

From County Cork, Ireland, he studied International Development and Food Policy at University College Cork.

In his work life, he has had the privilege of teaching sport to many different groups both inside and outside of Ireland, experiencing first hand the transformative and healing effect it can have. It was this that first drew him to YSR for his university internship, and, along with the community and solidarity created, that has continued to motivate him in his work in Athens.


I’m Noémie, I’m 24 and I just graduated my Masters degree in Humanitarian Action in France (Rennes). I’m an intern at Yoga and sport for 5 months and I’m working on the community building: I have to organise Events so every member of the community can meet each other and create links, I have to work on extending the community beyond the borders so people can still stay in touch even when the leave Greece. Why YSR ? Because I really believe (no, I’m convinced) in social inclusion by sport and YSR is doing a greeeeat job : everybody is welcomed, everybody can say his/her opinion, everybody is on an equal footing. Long live sport!


Hello, I am Valentine, I am 24 and I am from France. I recently graduated from a master’s degree on International Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs. As I was looking to have more experiences in the International Humanitarian field, I found Yoga and Sport with Refugees, became fond of their purposes and join the team as the new Integration intern. I will be working to develop the Integration process of the NGO and help it become even more open and inclusive to all. I choose YSR because I share their values and I like the idea of improving well-being through sport. Using sport as a tool to integrate, create link and build yourself is something I believe in. I used to play basketball and tennis and today I am lucky to have the opportunity to try a bunch of new sports!


My name is Périne, I am a French student finishing studies in management. However I always knew I wanted to work in social and humanitarian fields. I am more than thrilled to work with Yoga and Sport with Refugees for the next six months in Athens, joining Fundraising and Communication teams. Developing the Corporate Social Responsibility levers to diversify our sources of revenue to the private sector, which will be my main task here, is a very exciting challenge for me. I love having the chance to also participate in content creation and social media management as communication and advocacy have always been very important matters to me. I was immediately seduced by Yoga and Sport with Refugees sense of community and commitment towards the cause it defends. Trying new sports working there such as bodybuilding and yoga has already helped me to believe more in myself. It has achieved to convince me of the power of sport and its ability to empower, bring people together and be stronger together.


My name is Maurine, I am a 22 years old French student. I was studying Populations and Development in a Social Sciences master’s degree in Paris. I will work with Yoga and Sport with Refugees for the next three months as an intern in Communication and Advocacy based in Athens. I will mostly be working on developing some campaigns as the Global Field Sport and swimming one! I will also work on research about the link between sport and mental health. I chose to work with Yoga and Sport with Refugees because I already knew the work they were doing in Paris with the minors living in a camp. They are really involved in the refugee’s cause and aim to build integration and well-being through sports practice. I was usually running a bit in my free time but now that I’m working here I could try and discover many sports that I didn’t even know!


I am Raphaël, a 26-year-old French professional with a background in sustainable finance and banking. I recently took on an internship with Yoga and Sport with Refugees, where I will be working on finance, fundraising, and accounting over the next six months. I was drawn to this organization due to their commitment to supporting refugees and promoting integration and well-being through sports. Personally, I have a passion for sports and am an avid practitioner of activities such as swimming, yoga, and cycling. Since starting my internship, I have taken up kickboxing and am thoroughly enjoying it!


My name is Tom, I’m 24 and I’m a Sport addict! It’s not just about the physical stress and wellbeing you go through on a daily basis, it’s about the trip you undertake and the connection you build with yourself and others. I do believe sport has an immense power, and it must be grasped gracefully. At Yoga and Sport, training the group of minors from the shelters, who have little to no access to sport, feels like giving a big glass of fresh water to dehydrated adventurers. I’m mainly working with Davide in the Monitoring and Evaluation Team. Our aim is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our programs in the 4 different locations; ultimately hoping to enrich our projects and enhance students’ prospects.


My name is Anna. I am a 20-year-old anthropology student from the UK; living and studying in Amsterdam, Holland. I will be doing an internship with Yoga and Sports with Refugees for the next three months within the communication and advocacy team, in Lesvos. One of my projects will be filming content for various campaigns such as Sister Month. I have chosen to work with Yoga and Sports because of their approach to the refugee ‘crisis’, which aims to challenge negative media-driven stereotypes of refugees through their advocacy work, and day-to-day running of the gyms. I love that their work is centred around co-creating a sense of well-being, and community, alongside the refugee community, through a unanimous passion for sport. As for myself, in the UK, I played a lot of hockey and tennis, but since moving to Amsterdam I have been going to the gym, and have recently taken up pole dancing. I look forward to starting boxing and climbing, during my time in Lesvos.

Sina has been a basketball teacher in Habibi since March 2022. Now he is also our climbing teacher in the bouldering gym, where you can find him almost everyday hanging from the walls.

Sanjideh is our volleyball and boxing teacher for women. She teaches boxing once a week and gives volleyball class twice a week, which is what she likes the most. She’s also been a volunteer at Habibi and Sports with Refugees since May 2022.

Parinaz has been our yoga and dance teacher for women at Habibi since 2022. She also participates very actively in the volleyball training every week and in many other sports events that happen in Habibi.

Drio has been teaching parkour since October 2022, so you can always find him at the Habibi gym jumping and doing some impressive backflips. He also plays football and basketball.

Name: Nargis Mohammadi

Country: Afghanistan

Sport: Volleyball and Bodybuilding

Why i work with YSR: Because i like sports

Motto: Actions over words

Name: Roya Mohammadi
Country: Afghanistan
Sport: Bodybuilding and Soccer
Why working with YSR: Because I like teaching and impacting my knowledge to other people
Value: Stay strong, life is hard, God always with me
Name: Mutwayl Ibrahim
Country: Sudan
Sport: Bodybuilding
Reason why i work with YSR: is that the gym is my house where I get rescue when I am bored and anxious; I feel more pleasure when I am with YSR family – the volunteers, the coordinators, the directors and the students also are loving.
Name: Hassan Foday Kamara
Country: Sierra Leone
Favourite: Football(Soccer)
Reason why I work with YSR: is that I feel like it is a pleasure for me to give my little contributions to the organization and people so that we will achieve our goals.