“I have rarely seen a community as close-knit and supportive as YSR. Wherever you come from, whatever your story is, you will find here friendship and support. Wherever you come from, whatever your story is, you will find here friendship and support” – Madeleine, French volunteer.


As of June 2022, we have started activities in Paris to support the community who have moved there from Greece. We also aim to connect and engage with a new community of people on the move, who have already lived in Paris for a longer time. Our team is developing at the moment. Now, we have two amazing and dedicated teachers from the community: Rahmat, our boxing coach and Yadullah, our yoga teacher. However, we are always on the look out for more people to join the team! We are lucky to also have great support from a team of on the ground and remote volunteers who join the trainings and help us build the project there: Madeleine, Lola, Romane, Priya, Antoine, Giorgio, Helena… and more!

Our goal is to build the Parisian project first in outdoor places, and of course, eventually move to our own gym location!

Place de La Bastille

In June we began offering boxing and yoga classes to the unaccompanied minors who are living in a resistance camp supported by the organisation Utopia 56. After seeing the situation of the young boys living there, who were waiting for their age assessments to be reviewed, we contacted Utopia 56 and asked if we could provide some sport trainings. The response was very positive; classes allow the boys to keep moving and doing activities that are important for their mental and physical health, as well as bring visibility to the cause of Utopia 56 to support unaccompanied minors rejected by the authorities and not supported by the French Government.

Parc de La Villette

(Jardin des Voltiges)

Besides the training we offer in La Bastille, we also started running and doing other boxing classes in Parc de La Villette (Jardin des Voltiges). This location was choosen by our community because it already has equipment to train, engage in fitness exercises and boxing. It is also a place where a lot of people are already practising sport and want to get more coaching. Starting to practise there was a successful bet: many people are joining the team and every day new students come to run or practice!

Nearby Courts & Fields

Our community wouldn’t be YSR without many team sports like basketball and football. In Paris, having no permanent gym location, we meet at community basketball courts and use these to play together. Here, we are able to meet, find an enjoyable activity to fill our day, exercise and socialise. Unfortunately, its Paris, so many people travel far to get there but for many it is worth the commute.

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