“While it may seem to be just a workout program, for many people here it is a reason to live, to keep fighting

The gym is a place so simple and pure, but unfortunately hard needed and rare to find, in such a complex situation” – Arjan, former coordinator

YSR | Stronger Together Campaign


Most of our activities are offered in our Gym. On Lesvos we have a gym where we welcome more than 150 people every day. We offer many activities and have a full program every day! Activities range from bodybuilding, Muay Thai and Kung Fu to dancing, Parkour, fitness and exclusive women classes.

Our Gym is a safe space where everyone can come to exercise: refugees, locals, volunteers. Everyone is welcome to do the sport they like or want to discover.


The mountains in Lesvos are beautiful! There are many dirt roads on the island that are amazing for trail runs. As we often run in the mountains near the camp, this training is one of the most accessible for our students. The popularity of the running is reflected by the high number of students joining, and by the unity across the team. On top of the training, our running team joins competitions, where we always meet great success, and share our energy with local Greek runners. The amazing atmosphere and sense of unity exemplifies that we are stronger together!

Yoga Tent

Our Yoga tent at Parea was a perfect space to create a cozy and familiar atmosphere. It was where we carried out the vast majority of yoga classes. At the same time, it still is a space where we host activities if we don’t have space in the permanent gym space. It is also a perfect space to promote cooperation between the different organisations that work at Area.


Team sports are popular everywhere around the world. They are a perfect tool to create community and friendship and to just have fun! Spanos is a mini football club where all kinds of team sports are offered. We practice soccer, volleyball and basketball, always with a coach fron the community.


The stadium is one of the most exciting running places to train at, both for our new and more experienced runners. Not only is it optimal for training, but it also inspires our students to greater dreams of competition. In the stadium we hold running practices of two hours, focused on speed, explosivity, technique and pacing. Our objective is to improve our runners capabilities and general health, but also to prepare them for upcoming competitions. In the stadium we can adapt the training to everyone’s capabilities, and strive to unleash everyone’s full potential.


Our project started with the swimming classes every summer. We organise classes everyday from May until October (as long as the weather allows!). We open the classes to men and women, with offering specific classes for women. Seeing someone relaxing in the water during his first class is the best!

Climbing Classes

Climbing classes are a fun way to bring people together! The climbing wall was constructed in 2020 and is used regularly! Classes include all kinds of people, from all different ages and abilities.