In Athens, we have a Gym on two floors as well as places outdoors that we use in order to train daily. Our gym located in the centre of Athens is run by asylum seekers and open to all, one of the rare places in Athens offering sports for free. In September 2020 we were happy to take over the space that was perviously run by Dana (a Kurdish athlete who also joined Estelle on Lesvos to start the project in 2017) as Project HIWA. Many teachers and students leaving Lesvos are looking for a place to continue their sports activities in Athens. Directly linking the projects helps our community to stay connected, to maintain friendships and to stay active. We are thrilled, that the Athens Gym has grown into a happy place for many and a safe space for athletes regardless of their background, gender or sexual orientation – empowering and connecting people!

Athens Gym

The Gym

Our Athens gym is run on two floors. On the top floor we act as a gym with bodybuilding equipment and on the lower floor we have classes ranging from martial arts, dance, Zumba to self-defense! We have a great variety of people joining our activities and the female community in our gym is very strong. The project in Athens focuses more on integration. Athens is a more permanent place where people have to start building their future.

Pedion tou Areos Park

Many of our activities are also happening outside, in the Pedion Tou Areos Park which is located only 1 kilometer away from our Gym. We run there and we do events as well as big groups training there. It is a very green and welcoming park where we can meet many new sport students who wants to join our classes. We enjoy training outside and inspiring new people to join us!

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