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Sohaila, Zahra and Zeinab train every day.
Their dream is to become professional fighters and to show the world that all people are equal.
We spent a week in and around the Malakasa refugee camp outside Athens getting to know these inspirational young Afghan women, documenting their gruelling commitment to fitness and their raging passion for equality.
starring: @sohailashojayie , @miss_ghazal242 @zeinab_a_s_ and @shojayie_bahar
production: @peoplegrapher
director: Lukas Tielke
dop: Lukas Tielke
additional camera: @nnloenn
photographer: @stevemarais
analog photographer: @drphilrom
editor: @marvin.kuehner
colorist: @kingofcurtis / @glassworksvfx
music, sound design & mix: @staubaudio @moritz.staub & @karinpallier
graphic design: @george_popovv
NGO: @yogasportwithrefugees



Politis (French) Hors Série – Athènes, le sport comme réfuge – Text + photos: Martin Bertrand

Méditation (French) – Le Yoga comme soutien pour réfugiés – Text: Jessica Xavier

FeedbackLab (English) – Effective Feedback in Multicultural Environments


Geo Ado (Français) – Ados réfugies : Le défi de s’intégerer, Photos et témoignages de Martin Bertrand – (Teenage Refugees and the challenges of integration.)
One World (Nederlands) – Op Lesbos Bouwen Vluchtelingen mee aan hun eigen ‘Gevangenis’ – (Refugees on Lesbos are helping to build their own ‘prison’)

La Veu (Catalan) – Les polítiques d’immigració de la UE no tenen cap sentit, només provoquen sofriment (‘EU immigration policies make no sense, they only cause suffering’)

Sud Ouest Dimanche (Français) – Un camp d’accueil de réfugiés, ça ne devrait pas être une prison (A refugee camp should not be a prison).

Sud Ouest (Français) – Foot, boxe, karaté… Une Girondine entraîne des réfugiés à Lesbos : “Un camp d’accueil, ça ne devrait pas être une prison” (Football, boxing, karate… A Gironde trains refugees in Lesbos: “A reception camp should not be a prison”)

FK Magazine (visual media) – GYM Images by Photographer, Hilde Honerud

Publico (Spanish) – Solicitantes de asilo, explotados para construir su propia prisión en Lesbos (Asylum seekers exploited to build their own prison in Lesvos)

Le Matin Dimanche (French) – “Un Syrien traverse le Léman à la nage pour les réfugiés (Syrian man crosses Lake Geneva for refugees)

Tribune de Genève (French) – “Défi symbolique: Un Syrien va traverser le Léman à la nage pour les réfugiés” (Symbolic challenge: A Syrian will swim across Lake Geneva for refugees)

The Bellman (English) – “Swimming To Raise Awareness of Plight of Refugees”

Espana Badminton (Spanish) – “Yoga and Sport with Refugees en Lesbos ya disfruta del bádminton con el material donado por la FESBA” (Yoga and Sport with Refugees in Lesbos already enjoy badminton with the material donated by FESBA)

Εφημερίδα η Εποχή (Greek) – “Μια μέρα στο γυμναστήριο της οργάνωσης Yoga and Sport with Refugees” (A day at the gym of the organization Yoga and Sport with Refugees)

YOGA magazine (English) – “The Life of a Refugee – Can Yoga Really Make A Difference?”


Trifugee (English) – “Building bridges with Sports” – Interview mit Nina von YSR (Interview with Nina from YSR)

FC St. Pauli (English) – Boxen auf Lesbos mit Refugees

France Info:Sport (Français) – Paris 2024: Depuis le camp de Lesbos, Mahmood Alizada, réfugié afghan, court après son rêve olympique.
(Paris 2024: From the camp on Lesvos, Mahmood Alizada, Afghan refugee, runs after his Olympic dream)

Info:Sport (Français) – Paris 2024: “En France, tout ce que je veux c’est continuer de courir”, rêve Mahmood Alizada, réfugié afghan (Paris 2024: “In France, all I want it’s to continue running”, dreams Mahmood Alizada, Afghan refugee)

The New Humanitarian (English) – How sports help refugees survive harsh conditions in Greece

Barriers to Bridges Magazine (English) – Removing barriers of marginalisation, building bridges to empower communities (Part 1)

Barriers to Bridges Magazine (English) – Borders and Bodybuilding: Insights into life as a refugee in Europe (Part 2)



Kimberly Ann Gerken

2021 – Master of Arts thesis, University of Oregon

Breaking Down the Walls: Fostering Opportunity and Dignity Amongst Refugee Women and Girls Through Sport

Nina Nymeyer

2020-21 – Master of Research thesis, Macquarie University

Wild Yoga: Refugee Communities Transforming Self and Surroundings Through Movement

Priya Nair

2021/22 – Master of International Development thesis, Paris School of International Affairs

Life in a Hotspot: Examining Refugees’ Resilience and Coping Processes amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

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