On the 11th of September the Yoga & Sport with Refugees community is getting together around the world 🌍 to raise awareness and funds to support people on the move.

Let’s run together!

Join us in your city: AMSTERDAM, NEW YORK, BERLIN, PARIS, ATHENS, OSLO…and more to be announced!

This is a run for everyone.

Why do we run?

This day includes thousands of people uniting with one purpose – to spread awareness, raise valuable funds for people on the move and HAVE FUN! All the money raised will go to Yoga & Sport with Refugees programs, classes, teachers and equipment!

We support people in building important skills, create a purpose and become part of a strong community. We do this through yoga activities and other sports (running, boxing, climbing, gym, dance, fitness, and more).

What is happening in Greece for refugees?

In Greece, the influx of asylum seekers is increasing (82% more than last year) and illegal pushbacks continue. The numbers in the camps are going down, but those that do exist are turning into closed camps with limited access and ability to leave. A lack of resources is also forcing housing projects in Greece to stop their operations, leaving many people without shelter, support and activities.

Not only this.

Asylum seekers are being imprisoned for the simple reason of not having papers. With Turkey recently declared a ‘safe country’ for refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Greece is leading efforts to return refugees to their home countries, even though the situation there is extremely dangerous.

Unfortunately, we are severely impacted by what is happening in the world. Many NGOs have had to reduce or stop their activities here in Greece, and that is very painful to see. However, with the rowing difficulty, people on the move in Greece still really need our support. We are passionate about being there for the refugee community and will be better able to foster a close-knit supportive community, uniting people through sport, with the help of our supporters.

Join us in our run and contribute to making positive changes to the lives of people on the move!

How to sign up:

Click on the link below to register in the city you are living. You will get more information from your local race organiser very soon after!

Will you change a life today?

As long as poverty, injustice and inequality exist, we can not rest. It isn’t difficult to make a change. Take action and make the difference today.