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When you buy a GIFT OF SPORT, your money goes towards YSR’s programmes in Lesvos, Athens, and Ioannina– buying gifts for people who really need them, as well as supporting YSR’s work providing safe spaces for women, reaching more refugees, and building communities through sport

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Practicing sports is part of us, raising awareness is our aim.

Human rights are at the heart of what Yoga and Sport does. We move for it, we move towards it.

Everyday is a new possibility to show through sports that everyone has the same rights.

Playing sports brings us all back to the essence of what we are: humans, all the same, made of skin, flesh, bones and blood.

Our community is strong from moving together: they are the actors, the leaders in our organisation. Our teachers are talented athletes who give back to the community by giving to everyone the possibility to discover new activities and perform in different sports. Sport is more than just their hobby, it’s their passion and it runs into their veins making it a lifestyle, that is creating rings in the water for others to be inspired by.

Our action is based in Greece where the population of refugees have been rising since 2015, but it goes way further. Our philosophy is to use sport activities to bring health, happiness, and a sense of belonging to the community (refugees, locals, volunteers…people wherever they come from). Our intention is to use this movement to show that we are all the same and that all of us must have the same rights. Raising awareness through sport is not a new concept/idea, it has been used repeatedly in history: the Olympic Games through it’s values, the 1995 Rugby World Cup where Nelson Mandela used sport to unite the South African natiion, the “taking the Knee” movement in 2016, just to mention a few episodes in history.

Everyday our team is working hard and moving for their rights and for the rights of everyone around them as well.

With this campaign the YSFR community wants to show the world that sport brings us together. Moving is in the essence of sports but it’s also in the essence of all humans: we have always been moving, migrating, searching for a new place to build our family or our life. Today, all across the world, our right to move and migrate is being restricted more and more, for many reasons but the first and foremost reason to this is called nationalism and protectionism. We deny the right of moving to many people, putting them even more at risk, and they are left with the only option of choosing the most dangerous routes in their search for peace, safety and freedom.

The situation is becoming more and more critical as winter is settling in and people still have to observe the lockdown measures in Lesvos and elsewhere in Greece. It is inhuman to keep people locked up in such depressing and cruel places. Freedom of coming and going must be respected, freedom of doing sports, freedom of choosing where you want to live.

Move4Rights is a campaign created by YSFR as we want to take the lead in showing that moving is a right for everyone, and that everyone has the same rights. Sports makes us stronger, more confident and empowers all of us. It creates a path to inclusion and acceptance, regardless of your ethnicity, religion or gender.

We believe that sport is a language of solidarity and union that can be better understood for a large number of people. Sport is a place of communion where love, compassion and respect are essential values. This is what defines us: we are a community of people who practice sports together. We are creating bonds and creating a sense of belonging which gives a feeling of inclusion! Our aim is to get more and more citizens to think like us: to see the connection we can make by doing sports together!

Join the movement! There are many ways to help us: you can donate sports equipment, warm clothes for winter, shoes for running and training. You can also support us with monthly donations which makes us more sustainable and enables us to pay for the rent of our teacher house, for supporting our coordination team in Lesvos and Athens, for giving the opportunity to more people to do sports.

We bridge the gap, we are coming from different backgrounds, cultures and origins, we keep sweating, breathing and moving as one!

Everyday, we dare to say that we believe in a better world where all humans have the same rights.

We move to show that all humans have the same rights, and we will never stop.

This makes us MOVE.

Jump into the water with us!

Join the Swim For Good 2024 – Swim 12km with us, in solidarity with displaced people, who take dangerous routes, risking their lives in search of safety and protection! Make a difference today. Take action: sign up or donate directly.
Take action and support us today!