Alaa Maso swimming in 2023 - 12km cross border swim for good!

Alaa Maso

We’re so excited to have Alaa on board as our very first YSR Ambassador! Alaa is a highly skilled swimmer, currently competing and a member of the Refugee Olympic Team. Alaa is originally from Syria but currently lives and trains in Germany amongst the world’s best athletes. He is also very experienced in weightlifting and nutrition, which compliment his intense training regime to ensure he is able to perform his best. For Alaa, swimming is not only a sport or means to lose weight but a skill that can save ones life! For this reason, Alaa is passionate about teaching swimming to people on the move, who make increasingly more precarious journeys to safe countries for asylum. He recently travelled to Lesvos to teach the YSR community on the island and has shared his knowledge of healthy lifestyle practices and gym routines.

In 2023, Alaa supported YSR through the Swim for Good campaign, wherein he swam the incredible distance of 12km for YSR – the same distance between Lesvos and Turkey through the Aegean Sea. Alaa’s swim went from from Switzerland to France and aimed to bring awareness to the dangerous journeys thousands take every year to seek asylum and find safety.

This year, Alaa will again support the Swim for Good in collaboration with YSR and the Yusra Mardini Foundation. Alaa and YMF will join YSR on Lesvos to swim with the community, generate funds to support the yearly swimming programs, bring people back into connection with water and increase understanding of the life-threatening experiences of people on the move coming to the EU.

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Alice Girard

My name is Alice Girard and I’m a yoga teacher in Paris. After a career as a project manager in communications, I decided to devote myself to my passion for yoga, teaching yoga classes, retreats, trainings and workshops all over the world. But I quickly realized that while it may seem my purpose to create safe spaces of softness and well-being for others, at first I was only reaching a very privileged audience, whereas everyone should have the opportunity to practice yoga. Driven by the desire to help others and make a significant difference to their physical and mental well-being, I realised the need to make these spaces accessible to a public different from the one in the Paris studios.

In 2023, I created the association “De la Douceurpour Soi”, trained in therapeutic yoga and decided to contact Yoga and Sport with Refugees, whose project resonated very strongly with me.

In August 2023, I went to teach yoga in Lesvos and Athens, and realized the beauty and importance of the project. Yoga and Sport with Refugees changes lives and changes the way we live our daily lives, including my own. I’ve met some fabulous people and friends from all over the world. I’ve shared such powerful & beautiful moments. I’m so grateful to be part of this adventure.

As for me, of course I’m passionate about yoga & flexibility, but I also love all sports, especially running & hiking, which I’ve been doing since I was very young. Yoga and Sport has also enabled me to discover other sports such as boxing. I’m also passionate about art and creativity, and I paint a lot. I’m a very social person, I love to dance, eat, share, meet new cultures and travel.

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Are you interested in supporting our work and joining our global community to challenge segregatory policies and inhumane treatment of people on the move? Are you an athlete or sport professional interested in giving back to vulnerable but resilient communities?

Are you inspired to create positive change in the world?

A key component of YSR is ensuring that programs are diverse and inclusive, and genuinely assist those experiencing the stress of displacement. And what better way to do this than through creating communities made up of a wide range of inspiring athletes and advocates that demonstrate the power of sports to bring people together!

Ambassadors will be:

  • Provided a network of dedicated and passionate teachers and students, including those who resettle in Greece, and those leaving to other European countries.
  • Included in YSR events, trainings, workshops, retreats and social activities.
  • Connected to an array of other clubs and charities in Europe motivated to support people on the move.
  • Featured in YSR social media content (posts, reports, articles and blogs).

In exchange, ambassadors are encouraged to:

  • Assist in the development of our teachers through mentorship (online and face-to-face)
  • Support and connect YSR teachers and students who leave Greece to clubs, competitions and communities in other countries
  • Promote the organisation within their network, at events and on social media
  • Assist in the organisation of fundraising events or donations to YSR to support its ongoing running costs.


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